Tanked Turkey to be Served in Taverns Across NYC

Instagram user @reyescrls

Not enough alcohol involved in your Thanksgiving dinner? Introducing the 100-proof turkey.

Paul Hurley, president of the United Restaurant and Tavern Owners Association, will be resurrecting his 100-proof vodka-infused turkey from last year to be sold at over 100 pubs and taverns in New York City.

“I got the idea from my mother back in Ireland,” said Hurley. “She had all these different flavored vodka’s and was like ‘well let’s try them in the turkey!’”

The turkey will be infused with five different flavors of vodka, peach, cherry, orange, lemon and apple, and will come with a serving of vodka-infused gravy.

The bird will cost $29.95, and Hurley will be giving away free cab rides home to anyone who orders the meal.

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