Cocaine-Filled Chocolates Seized At JFK

Talk about a "chocolate high."

That's not powdered sugar on those truffles -- It's cocaine! That's according to Customs and Border Protection officials who said they seized more than $500,000 worth of drugs hidden inside chocolate candies.

Robert Lopera, a U.S. citizen was arrested on May 11th  after arriving from Medellin, Colombia, on Avianca flight 824. 

He was first stopped when the bags of chocolates and nuts he was toting with him seemed heavy, officials said. Investigators said they found balls of cocaine covered with chocolate.  And inside pistachio shells were nut-sized cocaine cubes.

In all, 15 pounds of cocaine were seized.

"CBP officers remain vigilant when conducting enforcement exams," said Robert E. Perez of CBP's New York field office.  Lopera is expected to  be be arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on the drug trafficking charges. Jonathan Dienst WNBC

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