Swine Flu Vaccine Participation Varies From School to School

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley will visit PS 157 tomorrow to showcase the launch of the City's elementary school-based vaccination program. 

But as of this morning, only about one in four students at that school has parental permission to get the vaccine.  

At some schools more than half the students have submitted consent forms, according to health officials.  At others, it's as low as 11 percent.  

The Health Department says it's not too late to send in your consent form.  The program will continue at elementary schools for the next eight weeks.

Vaccinations for middle and high school students are scheduled to begin on November 7th.  The older students will get vaccinated during weekend hours at "PODs" (Points of Distribution) throughout the City.

Note a newspaper report this morning inaccurately reported that middle and high school students would not receive priority.
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