Beachgoers Expected to Flock to Shores on Hot First Autumn Weekend; Lifeguards Worry About ‘Hurricane Surf'

With record-high temperatures possible this weekend, swimmers are already flocking to the tri-state's shores, worrying the few remaining lifeguards about a surf that's been battered for weeks by offshore hurricanes. 

A swimming ban is in place for the "hurricane surf" through the weekend at Asbury Park, but head lifeguard Joe Biogiovanni recognizes there are risk-taking people who will venture into the waters anyway.

With most lifeguards gone -- many of them back to college -- and beaches expected to be packed, Biogiovanni says a skeletal staff will be on hand for an emergency. 

In Belmar, another popular Jersey Shore beach, the mayor says if surf conditions allow, they'll have several designated swim areas, and the handful of lifeguards he has left will patrol. 

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