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These Are the Best BBQ Joints in the Tri-State: Report

What to Know

  • Food & Wine published the best barbecues in each of the 50 states
  • A Brooklyn barbecue joint was deemed the best in the entire state
  • New Jersey and Connecticut also has a number of barbecue restaurants that Food & Wine deems worthy of BBQ aficionados

Everyone has their own take as to what makes a great barbecue. A lot of sauce. Not too much sauce. Smokiness thanks to a laid bric-a-brac. The smokiness of a modern, expensive barbecue grill.

Whatever your taste, one thing seems certain, a good barbecue is one that you just can’t seem to get enough of and since barbecue can now be found in almost all corners of the United States and not just in Texas.

Food & Wine published the best barbecues in each of the 50 states. Can you guess which barbecue joints reigned supreme in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut?

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When it comes to New York food pizza more often comes to mind instead of barbecue. But, it just so happens that Food & Wine determined the Big Apple is home to the best barbecue in the state: Hometown Bar-B-Que in Brooklyn.

According to Food & Wine, Hometown Bar-B-Que “is one of the most slobbered-over barbecue joints outside of Texas right now, and for good reason.” Among its menu choices are smoked lamb belly, Korean-accented sticky ribs, jerk baby backs and thick slabs of pastrami-spiced bacon.

You can also find good brisket and sausage outside New York City courtesy of Revenge BBQ in the Westchester County town of Irvington.

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Just like New York is at times synonymous with pizza, New Jersey is known for its diners, but it also has a barbecue gem in Henri’s Hotts, deemed the best barbecue in the state, according to Food & Wine.

Henri Hott’s in the South Jersey town of Hamilton has up to 30 items on the buffet every weekend and features ribs, jerk chicken and brisket.

The Garden State also has a selection of churrasco, or Portuguese barbecue, joints, particularly in Newark’s Ironbound district. A neighboring town, Kearny, also has a barbecue surprise in Red, White, and Que. Additionally, Kimchi Smoke BBQ in Westwood fuses Korean American flavors with traditional barbecue techniques. While in Lambertville, More Than Q patrons can enjoy a Texas-style barbecue, Food &Wine says.

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The heart of Connecticut is home to the state’s best barbecue restaurant, Food & Wine determined.

Not only does Bear’s Smokehouse in Hartford serve up the best barbecue, it is also one that gives back to the community, including paying employees more than the minimum wage and employing veterans and ex-offenders, Food & Wine says, adding that the inclusive environment also influences the kitchen where ribs are finished off with a butter and brown sugar scrub.

In Fairfield, Hoodoo Brown’s is also a stop for any barbecue aficionado.

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