Sustainable Workshops Teach Cardboard Crafts

This month they focus on cardboard

The RePlayground blog is a sustainable resource for crafty citizens looking to "use less, reuse more, and have fun with garbage," according to the Web site's banner statement.

At least once a month or so, Tiffany Threadgould, the so-called brains behind Re-playground, brings her stash of trash to Sustainable NYC for a crafts workshop at the East Village eco-storefront built from 300-year-old reclaimed lumber and recycled furniture.

At this month's workshop, called Crafty Cardboard, attendees will learn to turn their garbage into utilitarian works of art. Their event listing reads like a magic-show flier, with promises of cereal boxes transformed into wallets, postcards, pencil boxes and more. But for crafty New Yorkers, the magic is real. These workshops have been offering them new ways of turning their old, useless junk into sustainable goods for the home.

"We've had a lot of interest in this workshop," Dominique Camacho of Sustainable NYC said. "Our last Re-playground workshop was packed. There is definitely an uptrend in making/buying gifts using recycled materials vs. the standard chain-store bought gift."

And if trash day came a day too early for the small swarms of adults, teachers and kids who visit, organizers provide everything needed to learn the sustainable tricks of turning trash into treasure, from the materials and space to the instruction and community.

To check out Crafty Cardboard, head to Sustainable NYC (139 Avenue A at 9th St., Manhattan) Wednesday at 4 p.m. with $10 for the door fee. To pre-register, which is recommended, visit RePlayground and RSVP via the email or phone provided.

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