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Suspect Arrested in Bronx Subway Platform Push: NYPD

Police have arrested a man in connection with an attack that left a man lying inches from electrocution on the subway tracks in Mt. Eden Wednesday.

Alberto Pena, of the Bronx, was arrested by officers at around 7:00 p.m. Friday, police said. The 34-year-old was charged with attempted murder and three counts of assault.

Pena allegedly pushed a man onto the subway tracks at the 170th Street D train station around 7:00 a.m., FDNY officials said.

Fire officials said the victim was forced to maneuver himself out of the way of an oncoming train, only to have his leg run over, leaving him lying inches from electrocution on the tracks. 

FDNY paramedics described the desperate scene after they arrived at the 170th Street station in Mount Eden on Wednesday morning about 7 a.m.

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"We had to get the man out as quickly as possible because he was bleeding profusely. His left leg was severely injured. We told him that he was going to be OK, to hang in there," FDNY paramedic Daniel Jones said.

Police and fire officials said Pena allegedly fled the scene after pushing the man to the trackbed. The NYPD released an image of him late Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old victim fought for his life on the tracks as a train approached.

"The patient was able to get out of the way of the train, but he was not able to get his leg out in time," FDNY Lt. Julio Marrero said.

"He landed close to the third rail, was in and out of consciousness and was observed to be at serious risk of bleeding out...[paramedics] began to treat the patient while they were still on the tracks," he said. "He was lying right next to the third rail, inches away from being electrocuted." 

The random attack snarled commutes for thousands at the start of the morning rush. Other riders expressed concern for their own safety. 

"I always look around and see what's happening because I know there's a chance that something can always happen," said Blayre Robertson, who lives in Mount Eden. 

"That could happen to anybody it's scary," added Hector Heredia, another Mount Eden resident.

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