St. Patty's Parade Celebrates All Things Irish

Another parade winds its way through NYC to delight of huge crowd

Hundreds of thousands of revelers lined the streets of Manhattan Tuesday for the world's oldest and largest St. Patrick's Day parade.

Organizers said 200,000 participants -- and at least as many spectators -- were expected to line New York's Fifth Avenue for the city's 248th annual march.
Holly Lopez, a nurse from Buffalo, stood in the dozen-deep Manhattan crowd wearing a temporary shamrock tattoo, green feather necklace, an Irish flag in her cleavage and -- she said -- green underwear.
She was part of a group of women who have attended for 20 years,"except for pregnancies," said Pam Dempsey.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg summed up the spirit of
the day.

"I can't think of any better time for a parade, when some people are distressed and some people are disappointed and some people are depressed," he said. "People need a pick-me-up, people need to know that we can get through this together."

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