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Suffolk PD Arrests Four Men Minutes After Burglarizing Home

Investigators later found that the men were responsible for other burglaries on Long Island.



    Suffolk PD Arrests Four Men Minutes After Burglarizing Home
    Police arrested the four men after they burglarized a home in East Patchogue.

    Suffolk County Police arrested four men Friday less than ten minutes after they burglarized an East Patchogue home.

    Officers from the fifth precinct were responding to the call of a burglary in progress when they saw Marvin Escobar, 19, walking out of the home on Haig Avenue at approximately 10:25 a.m.
    Escobar fled, but was captured a short distance away in the possession of assorted jewelry.
    Police then noticed a suspicious van in the area as they returned to their cars, The van has magnetic Optimum Cable logos attached to the side and was later pulled over in Medford, where police found the driver and two passengers also in possession of stolen jewelry.
    Those men were identified as Robert Alcantara, 20; Jose Castro, 19: and Francisco Sanchez, 41; all from Suffolk County.
    A later investigation found that four men involved in the East Patchogue burglary were also responsible for six other burglaries of homes in the area.
    Sanchez was also charged with grand larceny in the fourth degree for stealing jewelry while working as a subcontractor for Optimum Cable at a home in Terryville in July. 
    Cablevision, which owns Optimum Cable, released a statement in response, saying they are "fully cooperating with police and are are immediately suspending work with the Nationwide subcontracting company, which provides a limited amount of work, only in Suffolk County, NY, pending a complete review and thorough investigation.”