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New Yorkers Dress Up to Ride Vintage Trains With NY Transit Museum's ‘Holiday Nostalgia Rides'

What to Know

  • Vintage trains and buses will be running in the city every Sunday through December
  • The annual 'Holiday Nostalgia Rides' are run by the New York Transit Museum, and feature Depression-era, art deco-style trains
  • New Yorkers have made the event their own, with many flocking to the trains in full vintage garb

Travel back in time with a holiday pop-up that allows commuters to ride vintage, 1930s trains through the city. 

Starting last Sunday and running every Sunday through December, the New York Transit Museum is continuing its tradition of placing its vintage R1-9 trains in regular service over the festive season.

Dubbed the "nostalgia train," the Depression-era, art deco aesthetic train  features rattan seats, paddle ceiling fans (installed before the age of air conditioning), incandescent light bulbs, roll signs and period advertisements.



In typical fashion, New Yorkers took the theme and ran with it. It has become somewhat of a tradition for people to dress in period garb to take the ride back in time. Riders on Sunday were snapped on the cars wearing vintage-inspired dresses, pearls, hats and shoes. 

Vintage buses will also be in service on the M42 bus route. 

The trains depart from Second Avenue on the F line in Lower Manhattan and run along Sixth Avenue to Rockefeller Plaza before heading up the Central Park West line where the train will stop at 59th St – Columbus Circle before making its way up to 125th St on the A/C/D lines in Harlem.

The trains depart Second Avenue at 10, 12, 2 and 4 p.m. More details here

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