Subway Tirade Against Jewish Man Prompts Hate Crime Investigation

The victim says he had just finished participating in the “No Hate, No Fear” solidarity march, when a woman started yelling at him on the train

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A Jewish man says he was the victim of a hateful rant on the subway, and that he was targeted for what he was wearing.

Yonatan Gray boarded a train at Clark Street in Brooklyn after participating in the “No Hate, No Fear” solidarity march on Sunday, when a woman started yelling at him.

“I just came back from this rally, it felt hopeful. There was 20,000 people — you know, ‘No hate, no fear.’ Literally 5 minutes later I felt the hate and I felt the fear, which should not be happening,” he said.

Gray said he heard the woman try to get his attention by mentioning “that cap on our head,” referring to his yarmulke. The verbal onslaught only got worse as the northbound 2 train continued on its way.

“I heard her say … something about ‘You mother-effing Jews, no one likes you guys, you don’t belong here,’ and that’s when I decided to pull out my phone,” Gray told NBC New York. He said the tirade was not captured on camera, but when he started recording the aftermath, it caused the woman to get up and angrily confront him.

“I will take your mother-----g phone,” the woman can be heard yelling on the video.

Gray said he felt “helpless…targeted” at that point, and later reported the incident to police, who are now investigating.

This latest event comes after at least nine other anti-Semitic attacks in the greater NYC area, including the Monsey Hanukkah attack and the Jersey City shootout.

There have been no arrests so far, but Gray hopes the woman will face serious charges.

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