C Your Way Off This Train A.S.A.P!

State of the Subway report card gives its marks

For subway riders, it's seventh heaven. The 7 train has been rated as the best subway ride of them all.

This year's "State of the Subways" report card again looks at all 21 lines, which are inspected and graded on six distinct categories: cleanliness, scheduled service, service regularity, breakdown rate, crowding, and announcements. The NYPIRG's Straphangers Campaign said approval ratings are up compared to the last report.  Most New Yorkers know how it feels to have an uncomfortable subway ride, and it is not a pleasant sight.

This year, the 7 train takes the gold as the best subway line in the city. Its stellar characteristics include more frequent scheduling, higher chances of getting a seat, above average regularity, above-average cleanliness, less breakdowns, and reliable in-car announcements.

While the 7 train might have earned an A, the C train did not pass, ranking as the worst subway line.

The C train (the oldest train in the system, and consisting of only 8 cars) is likely to break down every 61,000 miles, so hope that it’s your lucky day. It’s also less regular than the average line, less clean than average, there's less seat vacancy, and below average in-car announcements. This trainwreck can make for an awful start to a commuter's day. 

Overall, the report card said it "found a mixed picture for subway service on three measures we can compare over time -- cleanliness, breakdowns and announcements."  Car fleet breakdown was up 10%, but hey -- announcements have improved from 85 percent last year to 90 percent this year. Subway cars are a smidge cleaner this year, too, the report said.

Check out what grade your line received. The G is profit based, and therefore has no rating.

1. 7                                                          

2. L

3. 1

4. 6

5. Q

6. J/Z

7. 4

8. 2, 3, 5, A, E, N (Tied)

14. V

15. M

16. D, F, R, W

20. B

21. C

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