Signal Problems Muck Up A, C Subway Lines During Morning Rush

Switch problems caused massive delays on the A and C subway lines Thursday morning, stranding some riders on trains for nearly two hours, they say.  

The MTA says there were two separate switch problems, first at High Street and later at Utica Avenue. The issues caused A and C trains to either stop running at some stations or to reroute along the F line. 

The service disruption riled commuters, some who claimed to have waited at stations for over a half-hour with no announcements. Some riders on trains tweeted that they were stuck for two hours.  

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez warned on Twitter that two members of his office staff has been stuck at a station for nearly two hours, one of them at Utica Avenue, where trains are at a standstill, he says. 

Angry riders complained to the MTA on Twitter: "How much time would you reco padding a daily commute? 15 mins? 2 hours?" wrote one woman. "How many trains too crowded for passengers to board are acceptable? Customers on the A/C lines would love to know. You know, like, jobs potentially at stake and stuff. #mtafail #toocoldforthis." 

The MTA said just after 10 a.m. that trains were resuming normal service.

The E train, which runs along the same Eighth Avenue line as the A and C, was already scheduled to be re-routed for planned work through New Year's Eve, and is running on the F line in Manhattan. 

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