5 Train Service Resumes After Platform Collapse

Part of a subway platform that was under construction in the Bronx collapsed Tuesday evening, suspending service on the line that services the station, the MTA says. 

Service on the line resumed just ahead of the morning commute at about 6 a.m. Wednesday, authorities said. 

"Incredible work by our crews overnight. Repairs complete and normal service has resumed on the 5 line," an MTA spokesperson said. 

The MTA says a platform under planned construction on the elevated subway station at Eastchester-Dyre Avenue collapsed about one foot, forcing service on the 5 line to stop between East 180th Street and Eastchester-Dyre Avenue in both directions.

It's not clear what caused the 30-by-40 foot slab to collapse. No one was hurt, the FDNY says.

Crews "were doing some work, they had some heavy equipment in the area," said FDNY Deputy Chief Russell Regan. 

Paul Navarro of the Transport Workers Union said it was the second time in two weeks there was a collapse at the station. Trains bypass the construction zone altogether, but Navarro says there are other possible dangers. 

"Maybe they should look at the entire job, because it could easily cause a derailment," he said. 

The Eastchester-Dyre Avenue station is the northern terminal station of the 5 line, which travels all the way to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. 

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