Train Troubles Wreak Havoc on B, D, F, M Lines

A series of train troubles have wreaked havoc along the Sixth Avenue subway during the evening commute Monday, severely delaying trains and crowding platforms. 

As the evening rush got underway, the MTA reported southbound B and D trains were running with delays because of a mechanical problem at 7th Avenue station. 

Compounding the crowding was a malfunctioning train door at Bryant Park, which forced riders to clear an entire train and spill onto the already packed platform, according to straphanger reports on social media. 

Then, just after 6:30 p.m., a train overheated at Lexington Avenue-63rd Street, delaying northbound F trains, according to the FDNY. Riders reported smoke filling the station and being ordered to leave the station. The train was evacuated and pulled out of the station to be taken out of service, the FDNY said. 

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Earlier, the F and M trains had been delayed because of an investigation at West 4th Street. The MTA says a loose pipe hanging from the ceiling was "interfering with train flow." 

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