Hundreds of Students Walk Out of New Jersey High School in Protest of Cop's Rough Handling of Twin Classmates

Hundreds of students walked out of a New Jersey high school in protest of the apparently rough way a police officer handled two classmates.

The altercation, which was captured on camera, shows an officer grabbing a girl by the hair and throwing her twin sister to the ground. 

Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells said they were getting pizza on Thursday across from Orange High School when Officer Hanifah Davis tried to clear the corner. 

Video shows Davis talking to Kyasia Sorrells and then telling Nyasia Sorrells to back up. When Nyasia Sorrells approaches, Davis grabs her by the hair and both girls end up on the ground with Davis on top of them. 

A school board staff member who tried to intervene was ticketed. The twins face obstruction and resisting arrest charges; one of them also was charged with aggravated assault. 

Hundreds of students marched to the police station Friday morning, chanting "We want justice!" and holding signs as they marched. Teachers were among those attending the march, and Orange Police Director Todd Warren said he applauded the students exercising their rights. 

"I was proud of them, because they were participating in a peaceful demonstration," he said. 

The twins told News 4 on Friday that they thought the officer should be fired and go to jail. Their mother, Saleemah Sorrells, said the two students are both on the honor roll and set to go to college.

"It was very upsetting," she said of the video.

It's not clear what prompted police to arrive at the scene or what interaction the girls had with the officer before the video picks up. 

Democratic Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren says Davis has been suspended pending an investigation. Officials said that the officer was also facing another, routine, investigation after he drew his service weapon. A police union representing Davis wasn't immediately available for comment.

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