Dump Truck in Sinkhole Forces Evacuations at New Jersey Strip Mall

Several businesses were evacuated after a dump truck got stuck in a sinkhole in a New Jersey strip mall parking lot where construction is being done, authorities said.

Police said the dump truck was backing up to the construction site around 12:30 p.m. Friday when the weight of the vehicle created a hole in the pavement.

Businesses in a strip mall at 321 Broadway in Hillsdale were evacuated. 

"There was big, loud bang," said Adam Duraku, an employee at Ray's Traditional Pizza, part of the strip mall. "I walked out and the truck was literally hanging down, right through the garage. It was crazy."

Hillsdale Police Chief Bob Francaviglia said the dump truck driver was trying to get to a spot where the blacktop was supposed to be poured in, and the truck fell through in the attempt. 

No injuries were reported, but some debris damaged at least one car in the underground lot, police said. Metal poles and wooden beams were added in the underground garage for extra strength and support. 

Authorities were working to extricate the vehicle. 

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