Street Signs Confuse NYers Uptown

New York City can be a maze for even some of the most veteran New Yorkers.

So what happens when you have street signs along Fifth Avenue telling folks they're on both the Upper East and Westside of Manhattan?

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants to point the NYC Department of Transportation in the right direction.

"This is the east side of Manhattan," said Stringer. "So, we don't need signs telling us this is the west side of Manhattan."

Stringer calls the signs designated for MTA drivers at bus stops between 110th and 59th streets -"incorrect and misleading."

"Think about somebody having a heart attack. or a police emergency," said Stringer.

The signs were first brought to Stringer's attention by a confused tourist searching for his destination.

And as a result, the borough president is now calling on the DOT to remove the signs immediately.

"We've got to get this right," said Stringer.

The NYC Department of Transportation released a statement saying, "While Fifth Avenue is the dividing line between Manhattan's east and west addresses, we will inspect these signs and make any changes with a sticker overlay. These signs were installed in the mid 1990's and this is the first we've heard of this issue, which we will work to address." 

Some advice - if you're not too sure about the street signs - ask someone around you when in doubt. 

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