Stray Dog Gets on Subway, Snarls Rush Hour

The poodle took a ride on the 6 until caught by the MTA

Fare beating on the subway is a serious crime, and the police don't particularly care if you're a dog without the opposable thumbs needed to buy a MetroCard. 

A stray dog caused delays on the southbound 6 train Tuesday morning right in the middle of rush hour, the MTA said.

The delays at 138th Street led to a train being taken out of service, the MTA told DNAInfo. 

Animal Care & Control took possession of the dog, which a spokeswoman said has been named Waltz. By law, he will be held on stray hold for 72 hours before he can be put up for adoption.

Anyone with information on the dog can contact ACC at 

It was far from the first time that a stray animal delayed the subway, though. Last summer a runaway kitten stopped traffic on the E line at Canal St. 

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