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Subway Serendipity: Bottle of Bubbly Rolls Out from Under Subway Seat, Strangers Split It

When two straphangers found a full bottle of wine on their subway car, they decided to toast to the occasion. 

Colleen Hagerty captured the New York moment, which took place on an uptown 6 train between Union Square and Grand Central at about 1 a.m. Sunday. 

Hagerty tweeted the photo with the caption, "A full bottle of wine just rolled out from under a subway seat and now these 2 strangers popped it open & are drinking it. This is peak NYC." 

A friend of Hagerty who witnessed the occasion detailed on Reddit: "The bottle did, legitimately, roll out from under the seat. The man in the suit, confused, picked it up and proceeded to pop it. He offered some to the man next to him, who grabbed an empty Hennessy bottle from under his seat (not sure it was his) and the man in the suit poured him some wine into the empty Hennessy bottle and they cheers'd. It was hysterical." 

Hagerty says the "top was popped" on the bottle, which was in a plastic bag when it was found, so it was either sparkling wine or champagne.

Skeptics also wondered if the moment was staged, but Haggerty told NBC 4, "It honestly looked like an organic moment as an observer, but I guess you never know!" 

In one of her final thoughts on the ordeal, Hagerty tweeted: "the real lesson here is always look under your subway seat and New York City is the best." 

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