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Nearly a Dozen Pet Yorkies Snatched From Backyards in Same Connecticut Neighborhood in 2 Weeks

One theory is that it's a group of illegal breeders taking the puppies to breed or possibly use as bait dogs, authorities say

At least 11 pet Yorkies have been stolen from owners in a Connecticut town in the last two weeks, authorities say. 

The puppies were taken from yards in Bridgeport's north end. 

Bridgeport police say most of the missing dogs are purebred females, leading authorities to believe that it could be a ring of illegal breeders taking the puppies for bait dogs or breeding.

Police say they believe there is a person or group of people casing the neighborhood and targeting owners of female Yorkies. 

Devastated owners have posted signs around the neighborhood, offering rewards for the safe returns of their animals. Others have issued warnings on Facebook to residents not to leave there dogs unattended, even in a fenced-in yard. 

Police say they're concerned there could be even more owners who have been victimized but are reticent to report the thefts to authorities for varying reasons. 

Police say they're looking for surveillance videos in hopes of nabbing a suspect. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 203-209-2788.

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