141 Arrested in Stolen iPad Police Sting Operation

They bought gadgets they thought were stolen.

Undercover police officers sold iPhones and iPads to dozens of people who thought they were stolen goods in a sting operation that yielded 141 arrests, the NYPD said Friday.

Police identified certain businesses throughout the city, including some suspected of receiving stolen property in the past, and sent undercover officers there with iPhone 4s and iPad 2s that they said were stolen.

They offered them at low prices, between $50 and $200 each, the NYPD said.

“This was a two-prong approach to apprehend both thieves and receivers of stolen property,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “Suspects at both ends of the equation are learning the hard way that ‘victims’ and ‘sellers’ may in fact be undercover police officers.” 

The sting sales began Tuesday and continued Friday, the department said.

The 141 people arrested were all charged with criminal possession of stolen property.

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