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Happening Today: North Korea, Stephon Clark, Ketamine, Birth Control Recall, Kylie Jenner, ‘Game of Thrones'

What to Know

  • North Korea is pursuing the "rapid rebuilding" of the long-range rocket site at Sohae Launch Facility, according to new commercial imagery
  • A mind-altering medication related to the club drug Special K won U.S. approval for patients with hard-to-treat depression
  • Kylie Jenner is officially the world’s youngest, self-made billionaire at age 21, according to Forbes’ annual 'World’s Billionaires' issue

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North Korea Rebuilding Long-Range Rocket Site, Photos Show

North Korea is pursuing the "rapid rebuilding" of the long-range rocket site at Sohae Launch Facility, according to new commercial imagery and an analysis from the researchers at Beyond Parallel. Sohae Satellite Launching Station, North Korea's only operational space launch facility, has been used in the past for satellite launches, NBC News reported. These launches use similar technology to what is used for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

As Investigations Swirl, Trump Team Ready to Fight, Distract

The White House has beefed up its legal team. Its political team is ready to distract and disparage. And President Trump is venting against Democratic prying. Trump's plan for responding to the multiplying congressional probes into his campaign, White House and personal affairs is coming into focus as newly empowered Democrats intensify their efforts. Deploying a mix of legal legwork and political posturing, the administration is trying to minimize its exposure while casting the president as the victim of overzealous partisans. Typically used to setting the national or global agenda, presidents are by definition on their back foot when they come under investigation. And the latest fusillade of requests for information has the Trump White House, already increasingly focused on the twin challenges of dealing with the probes and the 2020 election, in a reactive position. Trump's response points to his increasing frustration with Congress and his intention to seize on the investigations as evidence that he is under siege in Washington.

No Charges for Sacramento Police Who Killed Stephon Clark, AG Says

California's attorney general announced he won't charge two Sacramento police officers who shot and killed an unarmed black man last year, joining a local prosecutor in finding the officers reasonably believed Stephon Clark had a gun as he moved toward them. Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the results of a nearly yearlong investigation after telling Clark's mother privately. He acknowledged it was not what Clark's family wanted but said the evidence showed the officers had reason to believe their lives were in danger, though investigators found only a cellphone. Clark, 22, was suspected of vandalism when he was shot seven times on March 18, 2018, and his killing prompted protests in California's capital city and across the U.S. New demonstrations followed Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert's decision this weekend not to charge the officers, with more than 80 people arrested Monday. A reporter from The Sacramento Bee newspaper was briefly detained while live-streaming the protest. Sacramento police said they now will decide whether the officers violated any policies or procedures, which could result in their firings.

Mind-Altering, Ketamine-Like Drug OK'd for Severe Depression

A mind-altering medication related to the club drug Special K won U.S. approval for patients with hard-to-treat depression, the first in a series of long-overlooked substances being reconsidered for severe forms of mental illness. The nasal spray from Johnson & Johnson is a chemical cousin of ketamine, which has been used for decades as a powerful anesthetic to prepare patients for surgery. In the 1990s, the medication was adopted as a party drug by the underground rave culture due to its ability to produce psychedelic, out-of-body experiences. More recently, some doctors have given ketamine to people with depression without formal FDA approval. The Food and Drug Administration approved Spravato as a fast-acting treatment for patients who have failed to find relief with at least two antidepressants. Up to 7.4 million American adults suffer from so-called treatment-resistant depression, which heightens the risk of suicide, hospitalization and other serious harm, according to the FDA. The drug will cost between $590 and $885 depending on the dosage and before various insurance discounts and rebates.

Certain Birth Control Pills Recalled Over 'Packaging Error'

Women who are taking drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol birth control are being asked to check for a "packaging error" after a manufacturer issued a recall. The Apotex Corp. recall covers 3 mg / 0.03 mg drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol tablets that feature the NDC number 60505-4183-3 on the outer and inner cartons. The packaging may have an incorrect tablet arrangement or an empty slot for a tablet, meaning a patient may take the wrong pill, varying the dosage. Apotex said in its recall notice that it's received no reports of pregnancies or adverse events due to the issue. Anyone with affected tablets should speak with their pharmacy and health care provider; they should also continue their therapy or use a non-hormonal method of birth control, according to the recall notice. The affected pills were distributed to wholesalers and distributors nationwide, according to the recall notice. The affected lot numbers are 7DY008A through 7DY011A, with expiration date 8/2020.

Kylie Jenner Is Now the Youngest Billionaire in the World

When it comes to money, wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Kylie Jenner has officially become the world’s youngest, self-made billionaire at 21 years old, according to Forbes’ annual “World’s Billionaires” issue. Jenner is no stranger to breaking records. Last year, Forbes ranked Jenner as America’s 27th richest self-made woman and valued her wealth at approximately $900 million. She was the youngest woman on that Forbes’ list, too. The 21-year-old has made much of her money by selling makeup through her company Kylie Cosmetics, which Forbes said was worth $800 million in 2018. She owns 100 percent of the company. Jenner has also made millions by endorsing everything from Puma sneakers to Waist Trainers’ corsets on her social media accounts.

HBO Drops Epic 'Game of Thrones' Trailer for Final Season

Winter is here. And it's brought the "Game of Thrones" epic trailer with it. HBO just released the trailer for the highly anticipated final 'Thrones' season, and it does not disappoint. Everyone is accounted for... at least everyone who is still alive. Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya, Cersei, Sansa, Jaime, Jorah, Brienne, Bran and of course Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen are all on hand as the final battle between the living and dead is set to jump off. The six-episode final season will premiere on HBO on April 14.

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