Man Caught on Camera Pooping Outside Staten Island Home Twice: Homeowner

What to Know

  • A woman on Staten Island says her surveillance camera caught a man pooping outside her home twice
  • Resident Andrea Rosenblum tells the Staten Island Advance that the man defecated outside her home after midnight on July 13 and 17
  • Rosenblum was concerned for the safety of her 9 and 12-year-old children and contacted police but they say not much can be done

What a Staten Island mom saw on her surveillance camera this month probably has her wanting to put up "curb your human" signs.

Resident Andrea Rosenblum tells the Staten Island Advance that she saw poop on the street right outside her home in Eltingville on July 13 and assumed it belonged to a dog. Her husband picked up the feces but the couple got suspicious when more poop showed up a few days later.

They checked their surveillance camera and saw a stranger, a man wearing a dark color t-shirt and light shorts, taking off his pants and squatting between two vehicles just outside their home.

More video footage from July 17 again showed what appears to be that same man, wearing similar clothing, doing the same thing where the second pile of excrement appeared, Rosemblum told SILive.

Both incidents occurred after midnight, the homeowner said.

The couple were concerned for the safety of their 9 and 12-year-old children and contacted police.

However, police told Rosenblum that there was little that they can do.

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