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Staten Island Couple's Wedding Invitations Worth $2,000 Get Lost In Mail

The bride-to-be says there are 110 custom-made, gold foil invitations — worth more than $2,000 — unaccounted for after roughly three weeks

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Here comes the bride — but where are all the guests?

A Staten Island couple thought everything was in good shape for their wedding, but about half of the wedding invitations they sent out weeks ago have never been delivered, they say.

Alexa Agugliaro and her fiance Kyle have been together for 12 years, and have most of the necessary wedding things — venue, DJ, etc. — checked off the list. Kyle dropped off the invites at the Staten Island post office on Manor Road on January 21, all with the request they be hand-canceled before delivery, which means the postal worker would hand-stamp the postage in order to limit the number of machines the parcels have to go through.

But only half of those envelopes have arrived at their destinations, Agugliaro said. She says there are 110 custom-made, gold foil invitations — worth more than $2,000 — that are unaccounted for after roughly three weeks.

"The bulk of what’s missing is New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn," Agugliaro told NBC New York. "I’ve reached out to the postal office, the congressman, multiple distribution centers around the city to no avail."

Making matters worse, the missing invitations are causing family drama, according to Agugliaro.

"It's been a bit embarrassing, actually, because we have some family members who think perhaps they're not invited, there's some confusion," Agugliaro said. "It’s this ritual now. Each evening I call relatives hoping they will send me a picture saying 'They’ve arrived!' Unfortunately each day that goes by, they are not showing up."

Officials with the United States Postal Service said there has been a wall-to-wall search at the Staten Island branch, but still nothing has turned up. They are now focusing their efforts at the Manhattan distribution center to see if they can find them.

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