New Jersey

City of Stamford Considers Fine on People Caught Texting While Walking

A Connecticut city could soon make it illegal to text and walk. 

The board of representatives in Stamford is considering imposing fines on pedestrians caught texting while crossing streets, Bloomberg reports. 

"The point is, if you're on the street and not paying attention, it's dangerous," Mayor David Martin told Bloomberg.

Stamford board member John Zelinsky says he's confident a proposed cellphone crosswalk ban will be adopted and that citizens will "think twice" about texting while walking when they see cops issuing citations. The fine could be about $30 per violation, according to Zelinsky. 

If passed next month, Stamford would be the second U.S. city to make it illegal to cross the street while texting, the Hartford Courant reports. Honolulu adopted a similar ordinance last month. 

Last year, a New Jersey assemblywoman introduced a bill to ban texting while walking. 

Most U.S. states already ban texting by drivers. 

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