Police Shot, Killed Stabbing Victim in Brooklyn: Medical Examiner

Police officers trying to save a man who was being stabbed in Brooklyn accidentally shot and killed him, the city’s medical examiner said.

Police say that 51-year-old Rafael Laureano was killed by a bullet fired from a gun belonging to one of the officers responding to the stabbing at an apartment in Midwood Monday evening, police say.

The officers who shot Laureano allegedly saw a suspect stabbing the victim when they arrived and demanded the man drop his knife.

The cops opened fire when he didn’t respond to their commands, fatally hitting both the suspect and Laureano.

The medical examiner said that the suspect had four entry and exit wounds from bullets, so it is possible that one of the bullets that hit the suspect was the one that hit Laureano in the back as well.

Laureano was taken to the hospital after the stabbing, where he was later pronounced dead.

A woman and her two small children were also in the home at the time of the stabbing, police say. The woman was romantically involved with at least one of the two men who were killed.

Neither she or the children were injured.

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