Spa Bids Bush Farewell With Bikini Waxes

Taking a page from the spate of election day promotions that ran around the city, Bliss Spa is helping its customers "Say 'farewell' to Bush...and unwanted fuzz," with a coupon for 20% off their signature bikini waxes. The Brazilian bikini wax, as 50% of you probably know and the other 50% can imagine, has little to do with the outgoing President Bush, but rather serves to convert your Southern properties from the gnarly jungles of Brazil to the soft, flat beaches of the Caribbean in just a few, relaxing(?) seconds.

Caroline Owens, a midtown photographer who heard of the promotion through a friend, said, "I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Quite witty. Wish I had thought of it!" When asked if she'd take them up on their little offer, Owens said she "Would totally do it! Would, and have, told share the tag line and obviously share the 20% off one of the more expensive waxes in the city."

I spoke with Stephanie Gerard at Bliss HQ, who said the response, so far, has been "overwhelming." When asked why, she explained that the Brazillian wax is typically their most popular, yet pricey, option. So, It's therefore rewarding for both long-time customers and newbies alike.

You can go crazy at any of their three New York stores - on 57th, 49th and on Broadway in Soho - through February 1st. Click here for the coupon; or, visit Bliss Spa online at

I wonder how they plan to "Barack Your World" in four years, and, given the economy, just what that promotion will be.

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