New York

Airline's Flash Fare Sale Features Low-Priced Flights From NYC, Newark

It's true, this dreary winter weather has been dragging on way too long. Perhaps that's why one airline's flash-fare sale is looking especially appealing right about now. 

Those looking to book it out of the tri-state can start traveling for as little as $44 on Southwest as soon as the end of the month. The airline's latest flash fare sale runs until April 19, and is valid for travel between April 24 and June 13, and again from August 21 until October 31 on most routes. 

Those flying out of Newark can get to Fort Lauderdale for $94, or Austin for $124. There are also routes to Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Oakland and St. Louis. 

And from LaGuardia, travelers can get to Tampa for $96 or Dallas for $93. Nashville tickets start at $135. There's also Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee and St. Louis. 

There are even flights from Islip, Long Island -- one-way tickets to Orlando start at $101, and to Tampa and West Palm Beach at $133. 

There are international flights for sale, too, though none from the New York area. But tickets from Fort Lauderdale to Belize start at $59; to Cancun at $97; Grand Cayman at $59; to the Bahamas at $69' to San Jose at $129. 

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