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Sources: Kids in Range Rover Joyride Wanted to See Grandpa

Both boys are back home in Queens; the investigation remains ongoing

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The two New York City kids who allegedly took one of their parents' Range Rover on a 130-mile joyride were trying to make it to their grandfather's house in Florida, police sources tell News 4.

The cousins, 12 and 7, were reported missing Monday morning from their Ozone Park homes. But they were found safe a few hours later, along the New Jersey - Delaware border, after one of them tried to use a family credit card at a rest stop.

Police say the 12-year-old was behind the wheel; he allegedly picked up his cousin and then drove through Staten Island and into New Jersey. They took the New Jersey Turnpike all the way into Delaware, where they were stopped after one of them tried to use a parent's credit card at a rest area.

Police in Delaware said the boys had gone over a bridge and through a toll plaza before being pulled over.

They're now back home safe, and the white Range Rover that they took was spotted outside the 12-year-old's home. But neither family answered when News 4 knocked on their doors Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors - like social media users who commented on the story Monday - were mystified that the boys made it so far. Khuram Shahzad said he has never seen either child behind the wheel of a car before - and that the 12 year old was just over 5 feet tall.

"He's a good boy actually," he said, adding "we just thank God they safely got back."

The investigation is ongoing. There was no word of any charges.

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