Some 911 Calls Made on Staten Island Routed to NJ: Report

021116 cell phone id theft investigation

A New York City council member has launched an investigation into 911 calls made from cellphones on Staten Island being routed to New Jersey, DNAinfo reported

Republican councilman Joe Borelli launched the investigation after Huguenot resident Jayce Nicholas was in a car accident on Staten Island and her 911 call from her cellphone was routed to New Jersey, according to the report.

"It took additional time for the operator to realize that the call had possibly been misdirected," Nichols told the website.

"I’m glad there weren’t any serious consequences of this quirk in the 911 system."

Borelli told DNAinfo that he is now working with Verizon to ensure 911 calls made from cellphones on Staten Island are directed to the right control tower.

"This is an issue that has, over the years, become more prevalent as people rely more on cellphones, and I’m glad that Verizon is taking affirmative steps to address these problems when they occur in specific geographic areas,” Borelli told DNAinfo.

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