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You Have to Buy a Ticket to Try This Exclusive $38 New York City Pizza

We know New Yorkers love their pizza, but would they pay $38 for it? 

The answer is apparently yes. 

Manhattan’s popular Sofia Pizza Shoppe is serving up the pricey pie and you need to purchase a ticket ahead of time to get a taste. 

So, what’s so special about this exclusive pie? The DoughDici has a puffy crust that has been compared to a soufflé, according to one of Sofia Pizza Shoppe’s owners, Thomas DeGrezia. 

The 2-inch crust is then delicately topped with the shop’s own marinara, homemade fresh mozzarella and high-end grated cheeses. 

“It’s a pie for real pizza lovers,” DeGrezia said. “It’s a special pie. It’s not meant to be had every day ... it’s very decadent.” 

And even if you wanted to have the pie every day, you couldn’t. 

DeGrezia said he wakes up at 6 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, the days the DoughDici is served, to start the process of making three of the special pies. 

Two of the pies are for the two seatings available by appointment on those nights and one pie is for DeGrezia and his family. 

After letting the dough rise for six hours in a very specific corner of the pizza shop, which DeGrezia describes as tiny but “perfect,” the process of checking on the dough every 30 minutes begins and lasts for another six hours. After a total of 12 hours, the pizza is ready to be placed in the oven. 

“This is something we do for passion,” DeGrezia said, noting that despite the pizza’s high cost, the shop isn’t making much, if any, return on it because of the even higher cost of ingredients used in the pie. 

Those interested in getting their hands on one of these pizzas have until the end of summer to try to make an appointment, according to DeGrezia. 

The DoughDici is served in-house on Mondays and Wednesdays to two lucky parties. 

DeGrezia said diners can bring as many people as they want with them, but the pie only comes with six slices. 

If you want to take a shot at getting an appointment, tickets are available here. 

After the summer, Sofia Pizza Shoppe will announce surprise seatings on its Instagram and Facebook page, according to DeGrezia.

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