Society Sisters in Literary Catfight

If talent borrows and genius steals, then author Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover must consider her sister a regular frickin' Einstein.

A nasty family feud between Boncompagni Hoover, an Upper East Side socialite author who published  “Gilding Lily” under her maiden name, and her out-of-work Wall Street sister Natasha Boncompagni has spilled off the page and into the court. 

Tatiana -- whose husband Maximillian is heir to the Hoover vacuum fortune -- claims her sneaky sis stole parts of Hoover’s work-in-progress manuscript “Hedge Fund Wives” and tried to claim it as her work.  Natasha copied the chapters, had them secretly copyrighted with her name listed as a co-author, and even published some of book on her web site, Tatiana claims in court papers.

The suit also alleges that Boncompagni barraged HarperCollins execs with repeated claims of co-authorship.

Natasha Boncompagni told the Post that the main character in the manuscript is based on her life.  Now she’ll have to tell it to the judge.

And what does Ma Boncompagni, reportedly descended from Italian nobility, think of all this literary catfight?

“That’s the $64,000 question," Tatiana Boncompagni’s lawyer Alan Fisch told the Daily News.

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