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Snowy Owl Makes Rare Visit to Central Park

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A snowy owl was spotted strolling around New York City's Central Park on Wednesday, delighting witnesses and experts who say there hasn't been a recorded sighting in over a century.

The white owl was seen on the North Meadow ballfield, according to several witnesses. Wildlife experts say it's unusual for the creature to appear in the city. They're more often seen at the beach on Long Island and other habitats similar to the tundra where they breed.

If you're lucky enough to see the bird up close, the director of development at the NYC Audubon Society, Kellye Rosenheim, says the most important thing is to not disturb the owl.

"You've got to keep a respectful distance. They're easily spooked and it is absolutely essential to their survival that they're able to rest during the day," Rosenheim said.

If you plan on going to Central Park to see the bird in person, don't forget to bring a binoculars.

"Snowy owls prefer a lot of personal space and are best viewed through scopes or binoculars. Please keep your distance so everyone can enjoy and share this magic moment," the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation said in a tweet.

Snowy owls typically hunt during the day, according to the Audubon Society. Their diet consists of mammals and other birds.

New York City rats better watch out!

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