Man Knocked Over by Wave of Snow from Plow Truck

A truck clearing snow in Brooklyn plowed down a street so forcefully that a wave of the white stuff knocked over a pedestrian and shattered the front door of a business nearby, video shows.

Surveillance video from the JM Legend Auto dealership in Sheepshead Bay shows a man walking along the sidewalk in front of the business on Coney Island Avenue shortly after 5 a.m. Wednesday. Two snowplow trucks are seen approaching on the street from the opposite direction.

The second truck barrels through, sending up a wall of snow and slush that knocks the man over and splatters against the entire storefront of the auto dealership. 

The man was able to get up and walk away, the video shows. 

One of the owners of JM Legend told NBC 4 New York he arrived at his business Wednesday to find part of the glass front door broken. He discovered what happened when he went to check the surveillance footage. 

"We knew the snow was very slushy and very heavy, but we didn't think there would be such a speed of the truck coming down the block, plowing into all the snow," said Danny Marcos. 

The Department of Sanitation confirmed Friday the vehicle was a city sanitation truck and said it has identified the workers who were operating it. The employees are facing disciplinary action, according to a department spokeswoman. 

The department has apologized to the dealership owner, the spokeswoman said.

The storm Wednesday left behind a slushy mix of snow and freezing rain, on top of the 8 inches of snow dumped by another storm just two days earlier. 

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