Shady Card Reader Found at East Village Bank ATM

A reader of the popular gadget blog Gizmodo wrote in yesterday to report his encounter with an ATM card skimmer at an East Village Chase bank.

Sean Seibel went in for some cash, but immediately realized his card just wasn't fitting right. Upon further inspection, he noticed that it had a fake plastic extension fit in the card slot that wasn't supposed to be there. Seibel alerted the bank manager and left.

Shortly thereafter, he returned to check up on the machine to see if it had any camera operation set up to record its user's keystrokes, and sure enough, there was an extra mirror above the machine with a pin-hole sized camera aimed at the keypad.

Gizmodo then reports, "Seibel alerted the branch manager again and asked Chase why they hadn't inspected the ATM after he had warned them the first time. Chase honestly replied that they hadn't thought of it because they had never encountered that sort of thing before."

Your lesson here is to always double-check the city's ATMs no matter where you are, as even the bank's secure systems may be compromised. And remember, stay wise ... the city's crooks are only getting smarter.

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