Snakeskin Found in Bag of Potpourri, Snake Believed to Be on the Loose

A woman who found a snakeskin in a bag of potpourri believes the snake escaped in her Long Island home and is now hoping to the creature out and capture it.

Natalie Malik tells NBC 4 New York she bought the bag of potpourri on Saturday and poured it into a bowl that was on a table in her Levittown home.

She was sleeping in the next room with her two dogs when they were all startled by the sound of something falling.

When Malik went to investigate, she found pieces of potpourri in the floor, and an 8-inch long snakeskin in the bowl of potpourri. 

"It was still fresh," she said.

Now she believes the snake is loose in her house, and is trying to lure it out with crickets, a mouse and glue traps.

"I just want to tell people to 'check your potpourri,'" she said.

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