New York

‘Only in New York': Man Spotted With Full-Size Skeleton on Times Square Subway

No, it wasn't real, of course -- but if he wanted to nap maybe he should've borrowed that brown couch

Oh, New York. 

A man was spotted riding a Times Square subway while holding a full-size human skeleton late Thursday, at one point using it as a place to rest his head. 

The skeleton didn't appear real, of course. An NBC employee's husband happened to get on the northbound No. 1 train in Times Square with the skeleton-clutcher shortly before 11 p.m.

As tends to be the case, no one paid too much mind to the weirdness. 

"Best part was he was resting his head on it and holding it," the employee's husband said.

He got off the train at 72nd Street, and the skeleton man stayed on. (If he needed a place to sleep on the train, maybe he should have tried the couch.)

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