SI Priest Accused of Stealing Cash to Buy Booze, Botox

A local preacher is accused of stealing nearly $85,000 and spending it on Botox, booze, plastic surgery and nice clothes.

The Rev. William Blasingame, 66, recently resigned from St. Paul's Memorial Episcopal Church in Stapleton, on Staten Island, the Daily News reported.

Investigators said Blasingame took the money over a three-year period, and also used it to buy club memberships and auto insurance.

"The investigation arose from a phone call from church leaders about disparities in the church books," a source told the Daily News.

The funds were to have been used for maintenance of the church's grounds, as well as to help struggling parishioners, investigators said.

Blasingame was arraigned Friday after turning himself in that day. He'd resigned in January and is scheduled to appear in court next month, according to the Daily News report.

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