Man Dead, Girl Injured in Street Shooting in New Jersey: Authorities, Witnesses

A man died and a 6-year-old girl and her aunt were injured in a shooting in New Jersey Friday, authorities say.

According to witnesses, the man was standing in the middle of Evona Avenue in Plainfield when someone came up and started firing shortly before 3 p.m. A 6-year-old girl was caught in the crossfire and grazed by a bullet. 

At least three bullet holes could be seen in the siding of one home on the street, and a car had shattered windows. 

"The guy was shooting the other guy, and the guy was running into that house," said witness Jose Hernandez.

Another witness reported hearing "at least 10 or 11 shots."

Six-year-old Sharlene Garcia was playing in front of the house, and two bullets hit her in the leg, authorities said. Another grazed the leg of her aunt, Maria Garcia, who was also outside. 

While the girl and her aunt lay on the front lawn, the targeted victim ran, trying to escape through homes on the street, witnesses said. 

"He tried to go into the other house," said Hernandez. "The door was locked, when he pulled the door he went to the ground because he was shot. I don't know how many times." 

The man died at the scene while the suspect or suspects got away. 

While police investigated at the scene Friday, neighbors were angry that an innocent girl became a victim of what appeared to be a suspicious and dangerous activity. 

The Union County prosecutor's office would not confirm witness accounts or offer much more detail on the shooting. Officials said only that more details will be released Saturday. 

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