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Mom Picking up Child Shot Outside Bushwick School

The woman's ex-boyfriend is in custody following the shooting outside of P.S. 384



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    A mother who came to a Bushwick school to pick up her child at dismissal was shot by her ex-boyfriend who followed her there, police said Friday.

    Police say the woman's 62-year old ex-boyfriend shot her once in the chest outside of P.S. 384, The Frances E. Carter School, on Cooper Street. He attempted to shoot her again, but was stopped by nearby security guards and a good Samaritan, Anastacio Diaz, who attempted to subdue him.

    "I don't think he got her because she was behind a pole," said Diaz. "That went in front and somebody was behind him. So I went in front and, fighting, took the gun away from his hand."

    The young woman was taken to Kings County Hospital and is expected to recover.

    Her ex-boyfriend was arrested and is in custody, police said. According to the Department of Education, students were inside the building at the time of the shooting and were later safely dismissed through a different school exit.