Shia LaBeouf Screams in Man's Face on New York's Trump Protest Live Stream

Shia LaBeouf has been captured screaming in a man's face on a live stream protest in New York just days after the stream launched.

On Friday, the day of Donald Trump's inauguration, the actor and performance artist launched a four-year protest against the new president.

The protest consists of a live-streaming camera outside the Museum of the Moving Image where people are invited to deliver the words "He will not divide us" into the camera as many times as they wish.

Since it launched at 9 a.m. Friday, the camera has seen a mixed crowd.

Actor Jaden Smith was seen at the protest on Friday, and LaBeouf himself has led a number of chants at the site.

However, it didn't take long for the stream to get ugly. In a feed captured over the weekend, a man walks up to the camera while LaBeouf and other anti-Trump protesters are chanting and tries to deliver his own message. 

"We must secure the existence of white people," he begins, before LaBeouf interjects with the chant 'He will not divide us'. 

The rest of the man's message is inaudible as the actor yells the phrase repeatedly into his face, going chest-to-chest with the man. The confrontation was broadcast live on the feed and recorded by some people watching.

There have been other incidents cropping up on the feed that oppose LaBeouf's intended message of unity.

For example, one man used the platform at night to repeat a line in support of Hitler, while another group used to the feed to challenge the actor, using derogatory language.

The feed is currently planned to stay in place either for four years or until Donald Trump's term as president ends.

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