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Staten Island Mom Found Dead With Her Kids Had Protective Order Against Boyfriend: Complaint

What to Know

  • A mother who was found dead in a home on Staten Island with her two kids had a valid protection order against her boyfriend, court docs say
  • The three were found at a home in Arrochar around 10:30 a.m. Saturday, according to police
  • The woman's boyfriend, 36-year-old Shane Walker, faces multiple counts of murder and manslaughter charges, as well as arson

The Staten Island mother who was allegedly murdered by her 36-year-old boyfriend had a valid court order of protection against him when she and her two toddler sons were found dead in their home Saturday, a criminal complaint says.

That order of protection, which applied to the couple's 2- and 3-year-old boys and banned Shane Walker from contact with them -- was set to expire on July 8, just about two weeks after all three family members would end up dead. 

The criminal complaint alleges Walker entered 37-year-old Alla Ausheva’s home on Palisade Street in Arrochar, violating the protective order signed by Judge Alison M. Hamanjian, and intentionally started a fire inside the home where Ausheva and 3-year-old Elia and 2-year-old Ivan were found dead.

Their cause of death has not yet been determined but Detective Genee Parker reported that Walker said “I put the knife in the drawer,” according to the complaint.

Ausheva also suffered trauma to the head, a source told News 4.

Walker faces multiple counts of murder and manslaughter charges, as well as arson. He is also facing assault charges for allegedly attacking two Staten Island Homicide Squad officers who were escorting him to his scheduled arraignment on Monday near the Richmond County Supreme Court.

Walker lunged and slammed Staten Island Detective Eric Torres multiple times against a car. The complaint says Torres suffered substantial pain to his back, shoulder and neck. Lt. Joseph Perrotto said Walker “headbutt” him, causing bleeding and bruising to his head.

That arraignment was delayed until Tuesday, when Walker was remanded without bail. He is due back in court Friday. The name of an attorney for him wasn't immediately clear. 

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