Sewer Plant, Not UFO, Annoys Greenpoint

For over a year Greenpoint residents heard a mysterious, mechanical buzz.

Conspiracy theorists of New York City, beware! The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the strange, ever-present "tone" that rings around the heads of crazy and non-crazy people alike in Greenpoint, is nothing more than a mechanical buzz coming from the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant's. More specifically, it's coming from the PA.

This reminds me of a hope I had back in middle school, that the school principal would leave the PA system on after morning announcements, and we'd be able to hear the truth of what he really thinks of his students. And he would then admit that he's an alien. But, just like my younger self, Greenpoint residents had their theories too! Some thought the buzz was related to UFO's, trains, and or breeding toadfish! (Really, Greenpoint?!)

The Brooklyn Paper describes the tone as "four high pitched ring-a-lings, which last for about 15 seconds - just enough time for the sound to confuse neighbors, but not long enough for them to track down its origin." Well, that certainly sounds frustrating, and I'm glad they finally figured it out. A year and a half seems like a long time to have sounds with unknown origins piercing your ears each and every day.

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