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Serial Bank Robber Hits 5 NYC Locations in 3 Months, Assaults Customer: Police

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An alleged bank robber walked up to a New York City bank teller and handed a note, demanding money. When the worker took too long to comply, authorities say the man turned to the person next to him and snatched money from the customer before violently beating him.

Police say it's not the first time the robber has attempted to rob a bank in Manhattan. In fact, the suspect is accused of targetting five banks in the span of three months and investigators are concerned the man has gotten desperate and turned to violence.

Surveillance video inside a Citi Bank showed the suspect, a middle-aged man dressed in casual clothes, walking in and waiting in line just like any other customer to hand the teller his note.

"He does state in numerous notes that he's armed. In the notes, he said he would do violent actions," Det. Jaysen Murphy of the NYPD Major Case Squad.

As the teller delayed giving in to his demands, the suspect turned to the customer next to him and grabbed his cash, but that customer fought back. The suspect beat the customer as others looked on in broad daylight.

"Things took a turn really quickly, just seeing that is kind of out of the ordinary. For somebody to just go from an institution like a bank and immediately turn to a customer, it's very concerning," Murphy said.

Murphy says his team has been searching the city for the man who allegedly hit his first target on Sept. 20 at a bank on 6th Avenue and West 4th Street. The pattern continued on Oct. 2, Oct. 14, Oct. 20 and again on Nov. 26, at banks across Manhattan.

"It's in the best interest of our fair city to bring this person into custody. We don't need anybody else hurt," Murphy said.

A reward is being offered for information that leads to the suspect's arrest. Anyone with knowledge is asked to contact police.

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