Sept. 11 Memorial Will Feature Audio-Visual Display

An audio-visual memorial to the thousands of 9/11 victims -- accompanied with stories from their lives -- will fill a room in the Sept. 11 memorial museum.

Victims' families have been asked to share materials for the underground exhibit within the footprint of the World Trade Center's south tower. They also must confirm the accuracy of the names to be inscribed around two memorial pools above street level, surrounded by a park.
Tributes to victims -- including names and photographs flashed on a wall -- would be in the museum, 70 feet underground.

The memorial is slated to open by the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks, and the museum a year later.

The ground zero rebuilding effort has been rife with delays, missed deadlines and squabbling between planners, including the Port Authority and builder Larry Silverstein.

And just last month, it was reported that the overall project could cost $1 billion more than last year's estimate of $3.2 billion.

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