Secret Service Laptop Stolen, But Data Not at Risk: Sources

The laptop was stolen from a New York-based agent

A New York-based Secret Service agent's laptop was stolen from her car in Brooklyn, but the device is encrypted and sensitive data is not at risk, law enforcement sources told NBC News and NBC New York on Friday.

The sources said the laptop requires a keycode to access, and two unsuccessful attempts to log in will destroy the device's memory.

"An investigation is ongoing and the Secret Service is withholding additional comment until the facts are gathered," the agency said in a statement.

Early media reports had suggested the laptop -- stolen Thursday -- contained sensitive information, like data on the layout of Trump Tower or the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.

But two sources said that was not the case.

While the laptop does contain some basic, public information on Trump Tower, the sources indicated it did not carry any sensitive information or data that would compromise President Trump's security.

Besides the laptop, a baton and pins giving access to certain secure areas were stolen; those were subsequently recovered. One official said that suggested the robbery may have been a routine one.

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