Second Avenue Subway, Other Lines to Benefit From State Plan

Gov. Cuomo's administration has budgeted an additional $1 billion funding to pave way for the second phase of the Second Avenue Subway, transit sources tell NBC 4 New York.

The money would be used to pay for construction to the section of the oft-delayed transit line planned for East Harlem between 96th and 125 streets.

The additional funding announcement comes months after the MTA announced that the second phase of the project wouldn't be completed until after 2019, frustrating commuters, Mayor de Blasio and other officials. 

MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said that when the delays were announced, it was because a tunnel boring machine needed for the project wouldn't be available. He said time, not cash, was the real issue.

"If we had all the money in the world, we couldn't have those tunnel boring machines moving by 2019," said Adam Lisberg.

The first phase of the subway line, which runs between 63rd to 96th streets, is set to open in December.

It's part of a $27 billion commitment from Albany to help pay for additional improvements to the city's subway system. Among the improvements are a 10-percent capacity increase on the 7, F and A lines, all of which are getting computerized control systems. 

More 7 trains should start running in 2017, under the plan. Additional service wouldn't come to the A and F lines until 2018. 

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