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Search Escalates After Emotional Support Dog Booked on Flight From JFK Goes Missing

What to Know

  • A family is devastated after an airline lost their most precious cargo: their beloved dog
  • Jonathan Rolon says his parents flew from JFK Airport to Paraguay Aug. 27; Their emotional support dog was supposed to take that flight, too
  • Allegedly the dog never took the flight; LATAM airlines says it is actively searching for Logan since his Aug. 27 disappearance

Questions are intensifying for an airline it lost a family's beloved emotional support dog almost two weeks ago.

Logan the labradoodle has not been seen by his family since he was taken home by an airlines employee instead of being placed on a flight to Paraguay with his owners. 

Now pet rescuer Bonnie Floz is leading the charge to help the Rolon family find their dog, and she's demanding answers about what the airline has or hasn't done.

"The airline is 100 percent at fault, I believe," she said. 

On Thursday night, Floz went searching for the flyers after the airline said it put up 3,000 of them within 30 miles of JFK to help find the labradoodle. 

"I would like to see what they look like, and I want to know where they are posted, because they aren't around the airport," said Floz. 

While she found four flyers in Brookville, she does not believe they were put up by the airline, rather the individual employee who had the dog last. NBC 4 phoned the number on the flyer and the woman who answered confirmed she worked for LATAM but soon hung up.

Logan was last seen by his family at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Aug. 27 when he was supposed to be put on a plane to Paraguay but was not put on the LATAM Airlines flight due to a ramp issue. 

Jonathan Rolon -- the son of the couple who Logan belongs to -- says he went to the airport and asked to see Logan, but the story took an odd twist when he was informed by an airlines employee that he couldn’t see the dog because another worker took the pooch home.

Though he wasn’t told why the employee took the dog home he was given the name of the worker — and an intersection to search, since, apparently, the dog went missing from that employee’s residence.

In a statement from LATAM, the airline says it is actively searching for Logan since his disappearance.

According to the airline, it has posted about 600 search posters around neighborhoods close to JFK Airport — including Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County. The search flyers cover a 30-mile radius and offer a reward for information on Logan.

Logan’s disappearance has taken a toll on the family, with Rolon saying his absence is a blow to his mother who has become extremely depressed due to the missing pooch.

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