Search Ends Without Finding Missing Baby's Remains

Kentucky garbage dump end of the line

Officials called off their search Thursday for a baby that was stillborn last month, then mistakenly disposed of with the trash at a New Jersey hospital.

Bashere Davon Moyd Jr. was stillborn on Dec. 21, but when funeral-home workers came to pick up his body on Jan. 2, his body was gone.

Searchers focused their efforts this week on garbage dumps in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, then traced the trash to a dump in Kentucky.

A distraught Kalynn Moore told reporters Tuesday that she wanted the hospital to tell her the truth about her missing son.

But after search crews got to the Kentucky dump, they called off the search when they learned there were more than 5 million pounds of waste.

Investigators do not suspect any criminal conduct, but attribute the sad story to a terrible mistake.

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